A few things about Triton

We have developed several dental billing, dental school clinic revenue cycle management & medical billing solutions that address the most common billing issues faced by dentists, physicians and facilities alike.

We service many clients in various specialties and look forward to and are excited about the opportunity to exceed ALL of your billing needs.
Please take your time and review all that we have to offer!

  • Medical Billing Solution for Dentists

    We have created a full medical billing package designed specifically for dental providers treating patients who suffer from Sleep Apnea, Temporomandibular Disorders, Orofacial Pain, Accidents and more!

  • Medical Billing Software (included)

    Web based medical billing software designed to bill medical claims, includes both a Practice Management (PM) component & Electronic Health Record (EHR)!

  • Implementation Services (included)

    We take care of the initial setup up for you!

  • Verification of Benefits (included)

    We will check medical benefits for your patients prior to beginning treatment!

  • Prior Authorizations - GAP Exceptions (included)

    We will submit medical records and obtain prior authorization approval for your patients!

  • Commercial Medical Insurance Contracting (optional add-on)

    Trouble getting patients to commit to treatment because of high out-of-network deductibles, we can help!

  • Medicare Insurance Contracting (optional add-on)

    We can help you obtain a Medicare contract (DMEPOS & Part B)

  • Revenue Cycle Management Solution for Dental Schools & Community Clinics

    We have created a full revenue cycle management package designed specifically for dental schools and community clinics!

  • Balance is the key!

    We understand the balance that must be maintained between patient care, student education & clinic revenue!

  • Staffing

    We will take over the day-to-day operations of your clinic to ensure that the clinic runs efficiently

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